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Upcoming Exhibitions


October 6-28

Opening Reception: Friday Oct. 6 | 6:00-8:00PM


Solo Exhibitions


A perfect mixture of fantasy and reality by using the mediums that rooted art society- such as crayons, charcoal, and ink, into a complex and delicate resolution. Inspired by nature, architecture, and travel, each piece encourages us to remember our own roots and inspirations. It is a tribute to drawing on coloring books as children and daydreaming of magical creatures and surreal places.

3rd Floor

September 1-29


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Evan Backstrom

Evan Backstrom is the owner of The Rugged Press, where he creates artwork on a restored letterpress that was made in 1909. His artwork is created using a combination of salvaged historic wood and metal type, hand-carved linoleum blocks, and photopolymer plates he designed on a computer. These items are then locked into the press, where they are hand-printed one color at a time. The images are literally pressed into the paper to create a rich tactile impression.

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Mark Timmis: Collection of Works

After a 20 year hiatus from Art to raise his family Mark rented a small studio at the Stutz Business Center and was in that studio for about 7 years. During that time at the Stutz, Mark reacquainted himself with making art, and participating in gallery openings at the Stutz.  Ten years in, Mark has a new studio in Fishers and continues to participate in various one-person exhibits, and other group shows, including juried exhibitions and art fairs around the Midwest United States. Taking the time to reintegrate back into making art was invaluable to Mark and his art making.   


Mark is now pursuing his lifelong interest in Art and immersing himself in it.    


Oct 6- Nov 24


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Andrew Hickman
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Tatjana Gordon

Tatjana Gordon is a watercolor, mixed media, and acrylic artist. She was born in Croatia, and lived in Indianapolis since 1990. She graduated from Herron School of Art, IUPUI in 1999. She worked as a picture framer, calligrapher, Parent Liaison for IPS, and most currently as a medical
interpreter for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian immigrants. She is inspired by natural environments, and thinks that to grow as an artist it is important to try different media. She believes its beneficial to create and investigate art as a means to work out life’s challenges.

Nov 3- Dec 29

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