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Upcoming Exhibitions

Industry Baby

June 3rd- 24th 

Opening Reception: 

Monday June 3rd | 6:00-9:00PM

Industry Baby seeks to highlight artists working in the local service industry. The opening reception will feature sounds from DJ Littletown, and small bites from Grace Siebert and Youssef Boudarine. 

Artist Panel, Sunday, June 9 • 1 – 3 PM • Hear from local artists and service industry legends Corey Ewing, Grace Siebert, and Youssef Boudarine speak on their experiences as artists and creative professionals working in the service industry. Moderated by Bryn Foreman. 

Industry Yoga, Monday, June 17 • 4 – 5 PM • Leah Foster will lead a yoga class in the main gallery that's geared towards industry workers who spend a lot of time on their feet. Bring your own mat for this donation-based yoga class. 

Industry Baby Event Calendar.png

Solo Exhibitions


The Gaze

June 7th - July 26th


 The Gaze is about the damaging effects the male gaze has on the way we experience life and see ourselves. The piece is meant to attack the male gaze and protect the subjects in the paintings from the male gaze by covering the areas with an oni mask which represents protection for the owner of the mask. I have a personal experience with the male gaze and this was a means to face my fears. 

The Gaze Exhibition .png
Christy Harp

Elemental - The Subversiveness of Nature

March 1st - April 26

3rd floor hallway

Coming Soon!

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