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The Garfield Park Arts Center, part of Indy Parks & Recreation, engages visitors in diverse, artistic and cultural exhibitions, arts classes, and special events. It features performing arts spaces, visual arts galleries, classrooms, and a literary arts library.


The Garfield Park Arts Center strives to inspire and build a community of arts learners, leaders, and organizations.  

Indy Parks Mission:

We connect communities by providing places and experiences that inspire healthy living, social engagement, and a love of nature.  

Racial Equity in Indy Parks:

Indy Parks will be a leader in making Indianapolis a vibrant and healthy place to live by applying a racial equity lens to future planning that better reflects the multicultural community we serve. 

Indy Parks is committed to providing equitable and inclusive access to programs, services, amenities, and greenspaces.

We strive to identify and invest in a more equitable workplace culture by focusing on policies and practices including budget allocation, procurement, partnerships, hiring, employee training and advancement.


The GPAC was originally called the Community House and was built in 1922. It was designed to look like a picnic shelter with enclosed walls, high ceilings, and fireplaces at each end. In 1930 a large swimming pool was located in the area that is currently the GPAC parking lot. At that time, the Community House was used as a locker room and recreation center. In 1990 the pool was removed and replaced by the Aquatic Center that is now located at the Burrello Family Center.

In 2006 the Community House was remodeled and enlarged using a $2.7 million grant to become the Garfield Park Arts Center. The 8,000 square foot facility now houses a multi-use performing arts space, an exhibition hall, visual and production arts classrooms, recording studio, a literary arts library, and a rehearsal room.

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