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Mar 6 - 28

Main Exhibition

Bloom: A Spring Exhibition Featuring IPS Students

March marks the beginning of a new season, and we’re celebrating Arts in our Schools Month with Bloom: A Spring Exhibition Featuring IPS Students. These young, budding artists from local IPS schools are using the Spring season as inspiration for their works in this exhibition. View a selection of nature-themed artwork by these mini Monets in a variety of 2D and 3D mediums. Join us for a special reception on First Friday from 12-1:30pm with special performances by IPS student musicians.

Opening Reception:

Friday, March 6

12 - 1:30 pm


February 7 - March 28


Explorations in Clay

Work from GPAC's Ceramics Class

Visit our literary arts space to view a collection of creative ceramic works created by the students from the 2019 Clay Handbuilding class. This pop-up exhibit features a colorful array of pottery, sculptures, and other intricate ceramic pieces. The works in this exhibit are selected by the students and demonstrate the creativity and skills they built in their class lead by instructor Jude Odell.

I have always been drawn to street photography, isolating moments from a busy environment.  I began the series in Winter 2019, so it encompasses a year of seasons. The common element is a feeling of separation, a quiet moment. With these photographs, I hope to express a human emotional landscape, through a depiction of place.


In the past, I have focused on often peaceful rural landscapes. Although the photos in this series are more crowded, there is a prevailing sense of solitude. In the image titled ‘Freeway’ the viewpoint is removed from the action. The individual vehicles are hurtling along the road, separated from one another in a gray landscape. Half of the space is taken up by a winter sky which serves to further emphasize the solitary mood. Many other images in the series share these elements. I was pulled toward making landscapes of the White River early in the morning. The resulting photos contain buildings seen in a distance caught between a strip of sky and water, reminiscent of classical landscape painting, yet portraying a similar mood as ‘Freeway’.


Other photographs in the series, such as ‘Yellow Jeep at Sunrise’ appear more contemporary. The tranquil view of a morning sky is disrupted by a neon yellow car rushing out of the frame. ‘School Bus on 38th St. Bridge’ juxtaposes a fall landscape with a school bus in motion, forcing the viewer back to a contemplation of present day life, evoking images of the school day to come for the children. Although it is moving through a back drop of beautiful foliage, the bus is by itself on the bridge, separated, even as the passengers travel towards their busy day. In ‘Game Time’ a woman is striding across an empty parking lot with full grocery bags, eager to get to her car, her home and family. However, the emptiness of the physical space surrounding her reminds us that she is alone in that moment.


‘Glass Pyramids’ and ‘Skyscrapers with Fog’ bring this sensibility to images outside the traditional landscape structure. There is nothing living in “Skyscrapers with Fog” nature has conquered the buildings by obscuring them in fog. The dominant presence of the office buildings in ‘Glass Pyramids’, (which is what the pyramids are) is a reference to human activity, these buildings are full of people, yet we can’t see them and the structures are separated.


In ‘Urban Landscapes-Indianapolis’, I’m using images from the city, whether an office building, parking lot or a river bank, to evoke an emotional tone, a moment of isolation, or just a pause in the activity of daily life. Photos from different places throughout Indianapolis come together around a common emotional resonance.

December 18 - April 30

2nd Floor Gallery

Urban Landscapes

Ruth Kelly Solo Exhibit


Monday - Friday

Saturday - Sunday


Holiday Closures:

Labor Day


2432 Conservatory Drive

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September 7

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