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Group Exhibitions

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Solo Exhibitions

Jay Hamm

The View From Here

Jay Hamm is a painter and clinical psychologist. A lifetime Hoosier educated at Butler University, Valparaiso University, and University of Indianapolis, Jay has lived and worked in Indianapolis for the majority of the last two decades. His abstract expressionist paintings commonly explore ideas drawn from a close study of human psychology. A lover of a wide range of art forms, Jay's paintings are influenced not only by insights from his clinical work, but also reflect inspiration from literary and musical influences as well as reflections on both collective and individual human strivings. When not painting, Jay can be found assisting people with severe mental health problems to make sense of their lives and pursue meaningful recovery.


Instagram: @jayhammpainting

Facebook: JH Painting (@jayhammpainting) 


April 5th - April 26th

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Christy Harp

Elemental- The Subversiveness of Nature


Through acrylic paint ,water and textiles Christy Harp explores the moody unpredictable forces of nature.

"I am a mixed media artist who brings my passion for color and bold unique eye for contemporary design and creativity to my projects. I create dramatic vibrant pieces that are full of emotion. I love to see my works in peoples personal spaces and enjoy bringing concepts that are quite abstract into tangible expressive pieces." - Christy Harp

Third Floor Hallway

March 1st - April 26th

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