Main Exhibition

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Solo Exhibitions

November 1 - Jan 28


Brittany Dees

2nd floor


A collection of colorful and visionary dream-scapes. 


Day by Brittany Dees.jpg

Day by Brittany Dees

Dec 1 - Jan 28


Michelle Muff

3rd floor library

Representations of the changes of each season.


Spring Lavender Farm.png

Spring Lavender Farm by Michelle Muff

Dec 1 - Feb 24

Youth While We Still Have It

Colin Lee

3rd floor hallway

Ode to Young Love.jpeg

Youth While We Still Have It is an ongoing photographic exploration of youth and shared nostalgia. Film photographer Colin Lee captures candid and semi-candid moments as he navigates some of his last years as a young person. He photographs his friends, himself, and his experiences in a documentarian like manner that puts raw emotion and honesty over glamour. 


Ode to Young Love by Colin Lee