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A perfect mixture of fantasy and reality by using the mediums that rooted art society- such as crayons, charcoal, and ink, into a complex and delicate resolution. Inspired by nature, architecture, and travel, each piece encourages us to remember our own roots and inspirations. It is a tribute to drawing on coloring books as children and daydreaming of magical creatures and surreal places.

3rd Floor

September 1-29


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Heaven Scents: The Power of Nature

Experience the allure of nature's finest at 'Heaven Scents' – a captivating photography exhibition showcasing the enchanting beauty and delicate fragility of flowers. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors and intricate details that celebrate the essence of these floral wonders.

2nd Floor



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Evan Backstrom

Evan Backstrom is the owner of The Rugged Press, where he creates artwork on a restored letterpress that was made in 1909. His artwork is created using a combination of salvaged historic wood and metal type, hand-carved linoleum blocks, and photopolymer plates he designed on a computer. These items are then locked into the press, where they are hand-printed one color at a time. The images are literally pressed into the paper to create a rich tactile impression.

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