Masks are no longer required to enter Indy Parks buildings, but they are still encouraged regardless of vaccination status. Park staff are continuing to sanitize common areas, and park visitors are encouraged to continue practice social distancing where appropriate.

Main Exhibitions

May 6 - 28

Hoosier Women in Art Exhibition: Identity

In-Person Exhibition - Main Gallery

What makes us who we are? Identities are how we perceive and express ourselves, and

creating art is one way to discover and declare our culture, values, and experiences.

Featuring artwork in a variety of mediums, this show will explore the theme of “identity”

through the lens of diverse female and female-identifying artists. Discover what identity

means to these artists and what makes them unique.

Join us on First Friday on May 6 from 6:00 - 9:00 PM.

Thomas_11 pm.JPG

11 pm, BA Thomas

May 3 - July 2

Small Moments

Kylin Brown

In-Person Exhibition - Lobby, Third Floor Hallway

This body of work is a collection of oil and acrylic paintings capturing small moments that I’ve catalogued and have been inspired by. A light touch from a loved one, the view when you turn a corner on a hike, a wave of sadness, or quiet time at home with my children are all simple but meaningful. I have grown to appreciate the capacity to feel deeply and stay mindful, and the time I take to paint layer by layer prolongs those feelings.

Solo Exhibitions

Drowning or Dancing.jpg

Drowning or Dancing, Kylin Brown

May 6 - 28

Chaos Construction

Alicia Ranney

In-Person Exhibition - Literary Arts Room

My grandma taught me when you’re in pain, you create. She created to get through physical pain, and I’ve extracted that lesson to handle everything from personal loss to anxiety. Fluid art allows me to express emotions when they’re too intense to deal with otherwise, and dot art is sheer meditation. I’m so grateful to have discovered a means of creation that I also find beautiful. I hope these heal you as much to look at as they healed me to make.

sample pic_edited.jpg

Celebration, Alicia Ranney