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Group Exhibitions

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Solo Exhibitions

Blessing Culver: Life in Black and White

Life in Black and White is a collection of work in which I used multiple mediums, styles, and subject matters, yet all the pieces remain connected through the stark use of black and white.  

 This collection of work includes ink drawings and prints of various styles and subject matters. All of these pieces come from different moments of inspiration, as well as my many diverse interests of mine. They are all connected through the use of black and white, and this is something I have found to help simplify my work. It is often overwhelming to decide what to create as there are countless mediums, styles, and subject matters, and this occasionally becomes paralyzing. When I feel this way, it has been helpful for me to rely on the simplicity of black and white. I have found that I can still create beautiful, meaningful, and unique work with this simplified method.


Third floor hallway

Jan 5- Feb 26

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Malaya Lee

Coming Soon!

March 1st 

Christy Harp

Elemental- The Subversiveness of Nature


Through acrylic paint ,water and textiles Christy Harp explores the moody unpredictable forces of nature.

"I am a mixed media artist who brings my passion for color and bold unique eye for contemporary design and creativity to my projects. I create dramatic vibrant pieces that are full of emotion. I love to see my works in peoples personal spaces and enjoy bringing concepts that are quite abstract into tangible expressive pieces." - Christy Harp

Third Floor Hallway

March 1st - April 26th

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