Masks are no longer required to enter Indy Parks buildings, but they are still encouraged regardless of vaccination status. Park staff are continuing to sanitize common areas, and park visitors are encouraged to continue practice social distancing where appropriate.

Main Exhibitions

August 5 - 27

Encounter: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Exhibition

In-Person Exhibition - Main Gallery

Zounds! Bzzt! Woomp! Back for its ninth year at the Garfield Park Arts Center,

Encounter will feature science fiction and fantasy themed artworks from local

artists. From dragons to robots to outer space, this exhibit blends science fiction

and fantasy with a unique exhibit that is sure to be out of this world!

View the virtual exhibition here.

time travel II - elizabeth kenney.JPG

Time Travel II, Elizabeth Kenney

Solo Exhibitions

June 3 - August 31

From Fragments

Jay Hamm

In-Person Exhibition - Second Floor Hallway

This exhibit features works exploring ways in which emotion and meaning emerge from the integration of fragments.  Many of the paintings visually express facets of interiority that resist verbal articulation, while others capture subjective responses to society and the physical world.  


Jay Hamm is an artist and psychologist with degrees from Butler University, Valparaiso University, and University of Indianapolis.  He is a lifelong Hoosier and has lived and worked in Indianapolis for the last two decades. Jay is the father of two artistic little daughters, and when he is not painting can be found assisting people experiencing severe mental health difficulties to make sense of their lives and pursue meaningful recovery. 


From Fragments  Jay Hamm (2)_edited.jpg

The Great Divide, Jay Hamm

August 3 - 27

What's on Your Mind?

Maude Cottone

In-Person Exhibition - 3rd Floor Hallway, Library

'What's on your mind?' is a series of abstract studies done throughout the latter half of
2021, being done with mixtures of acrylic, oil paint, pastels and pencil.

Consisting purely of paintings size 9x12 on mixed media paper, this body of work takes a dive into the immediate subconscious. These paintings are meant to explore composition as well as the idea of motion while working within a condensed space. This work embraces the application of paint, both busy and minimalist, deliberate and free. The paintings in this series are never created with the use of a brush in order to feel a more direct attachment to the paper, as well as the raw movement of the hands. These studies reflect the whim of a child-like artistic spark, exercise the bounds of abstract composition and provide an outlet for demonstration on mental health through the use of color, shape and texture.

no.33-cottone - Website image.jpg

no. 33, Maude Cottone