Arts For All Take-Home Kits

Arts for All welcomes everyone to take a journey through the world of art. Due to COVID-19, we moved Arts for All to our website, as Arts for All at Home.  We’re excited to announce that we are launching Arts for All take-home kits! Kits are FREE, but require registration online for pickup after July 1. We have two options for July: Sew Easy Embroidery and Wood Peg People.

Monthly Activities


Wood Peg People 

Make a mini custom set of superheroes, clowns, cartoon characters, or your own friends! Draw faces, hair and clothes on finished wood pegs that stand up on their own.


Sew Easy Embroidery 

These stitching projects are so easy, anyone can do them! Using yarn, burlap, and plastic needles, you can make a goofy face with buttons for eyes and beads for teeth!


Monday - Friday

Saturday - Sunday


Holiday Closures:

Labor Day


2432 Conservatory Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46203

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM




September 7

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