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Main Exhibitions

November 5 - 28

Main Gallery

Cross the Bridge

“Cross The Bridge” is one of three exhibits in Indianapolis during the months of

November and December by the artists of The Jacmel Arts Center of Haiti curated

and organized in partnership with Indy Convergence. This time of year is an especially

meaningful season to spotlight Haitian culture because it is one of the most sacred

and significant times of year in Haiti, the time of “Guede” when the lines between life

and death are blurred and communion with the ancestors guides the living. It is a time

of year when those on this earth are invited to stand at the threshold, pass through the

gateway, and cross the bridge between this life and the next. We are invited to do so

at the guidance and assistance of the “guede” who are the spirits that govern the

afterlife and provide us all with connections to our past and those who have made the

transition before us. 

The art featured in this exhibit expresses the vibrant colors, the powerful energy,

and the strong connection that the Haitian people have with the spirit world.

Through this art one can see the spirits themselves depicted, but also the human and

natural world of Haitian’s everyday lives that cannot be separated from that which is

spiritual, and abstract expressions of color that translate emotions into visual form. Every work of art created in Haiti is the product of channeling the spirits themselves to work through the mind and the hands of the artist. Through viewing these works we hope that you are able to cross the bridge yourself and connect with something beyond this world.

The Jacmel Arts Center is an inclusive space for the exhibition, exhibition, promotion, and production of Haitian art and culture in the city of Jacmel, Haiti, which is considered the country’s artistic capital. The Jacmel Arts Center has partnered with Indy Convergence of Indianapolis, for a number of years, to facilitate artistic exchanges between the two countries including traveling artist residencies and international exhibits. Indy Convergence in a multi-disciplinary arts nonprofit working in the Near West neighborhood of Indianapolis to embolden and connect artists and communities from all backgrounds to each other in an inclusive, collaborative environment. Together, The Jacmel Arts Center and Indy Convergence hope to share the culture of Haiti with the Indianapolis community through unique perspectives and tangible cultural experiences. 

Solo Exhibitions

November 25 - January 29


Being: The Human Experience

This small collection of oil paintings by Westfield artist Kathryn Smith displays moments

in the experience of being, specifically, of being human. Kathryn uses her own life

experience as a reference to the subjects and affairs that she paints.  Her new collage of

paintings emphasizes the groups and positions of people that naturally occur around the

gathering of piñata candy at a child’s birthday party, and observes the roles in which both

children and adults place themselves. Viewers are encouraged to examine these

moments in time and reflect upon their being as they draw connections from their own

human experience as related to the paintings.

Saudade by Kathryn Smith

October 3 - December 30

3rd Floor Hallway

I Remember There Were Hills

Claire Sweitzer Hawkins is a mixed media painter based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

She graduated from the Herron School of Art and Design in 2015. Nature has inspired

Hawkins all of her life. She spent her childhood swimming in lakes, digging in the earth

and talking to the trees. Hawkins creates her own worlds influenced by dreams, feelings,

and memory on the canvas. 


Color has also been a fascination of Hawkins’ for many years now, particularly the way

memories can feel both muted and vibrant at the same time. Mixing colors on palettes

and even right on the canvas allow her to explore and continue to learn and be

surprised by color. 


Hawkins’ most recent body of work has been influenced by recurring dreams. Layers of hills and flashes of maroon on top of green are all that she remembers when waking up from one of the repeated dreams. Water is nearby; sometimes in the form of a lake, sometimes a river. The feeling of the dream is what starts each new painting. Once started, Hawkins paints intuitively to finish the piece. Each brushstroke informs the next until a sense of balance is reached. 

I Remember There Were Hills by Claire Sweitzer Hawkins

October 2 - November 27

Literary Arts Room


Suspension is a solo exhibition featuring paintings made by the artist during

quarantine, capturing the emotions brought on by isolation, as well as observations of

the mundane. Kylin Brown is an Indiana born artist currently residing in Plainfield, IN.

She attended Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis, where she earned her

Associates in Fine Art degree. While her personal work is mainly oil paintings, Kylin

enjoys incorporating charcoal and graphite into her work as creating window displays

and public art. When she is not working in her studio, sharing her love for art with kids

of all ages, or creating public art, Kylin enjoys yoga and staying active with her two children.

Feeling the Weight by Kylin Brown


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