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Graffiti Lettering Part II


What you'll need:


  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Markers

Graffiti and street art can be found all over Indianapolis. You can often find a lot of stylized lettering with eye-popping colors. We're about to walk you step-by-step through a couple of examples of word art that you can try at home!

Let's try another style! This time, try to pick a word or words that have some "holes" in it. For example, the letters "o" and "p" both have lines that form a closed "hole".

Start the same way we did with the first style, outlining your letters and erasing the middle lines.

G L 1.png

Let's turn the hole in the "o" into an open mouth!

G L 2.png

We can also turn the holes from the "e" and "a" into eyes!

G L #.png

That "e" kind of looks like it has a mouth. Let's give it some teeth!

G L 4.png

Next, let's give that "y" something fun to do. 

G L 5.png

We can add a curly line to the end of the "h" to balance things out.

G L 6.png

Now it's time to outline!

G L 7.png

Make your letters look shiny by adding highlights!

Draw some circles on one side of each letter and color in around them.

G L 8.png

All done!

G L 9.png
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