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Online Exhibitions

October 2 - 31

Solo Exhibition

Garfield Porch Portraits: Neighborhood Pride During a Pandemic

Despite the current coronavirus pandemic, the Garfield Park community has found a way to stay connected and demonstrate civic pride in our historic neighborhood. View a collection of neighbor porch portraits, taken from a safe distance, by local Garfield Park neighbor and photographer Kelley Jordan Schuyler. This project grew during the pandemic as a way for Garfield neighbors to showcase their front porch and neighborhood pride, while connected during a time of social isolation. Garfield Park has always been a people-focused community – view the smiling faces that make up this neighborhood in this online show.


About the Artist

I've been photographing life and love for more than 10 years and I firmly believe that these

are the "good ole days" (even if we are living in a pandemic). I love capturing families in

their element. I want you to remember the cuddles you have with your toddler, the little

kisses you share with your partner, and the walks you take each day with your dog.

It may feel “mundane” but these are the bits of time that make up our lives.


It was a delight to meet and capture the happy faces of Garfield Park during such

tumultuous time. You can order a print on my website (linked below) by selecting your

photo and then clicking on the shopping cart icon on the top of the page. Also, I'm still

booking fall family sessions, with a "Porch Portrait" option!

Email me to learn more. 





For the best viewing experience, please view the exhibit on a computer.


Enjoy music by local musician, Public Universal Friend.

Visit their website, Instagram, and Facebook to find more music,

learn more about the artist, and support one of our Garfield Park

neighbors! #IndyKeepsCreating



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